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All Gyttja visitors: It is important to me that my students stay safe. Additionally, if I get sick I will have to shut down the studio. This would be very hard on our small business. I hope you understand! As such, you should not come to the studio if you have cold symptoms; you should not come even if you have cold symptoms but have tested negative for COVID-19.​ If you qualify to be vaccinated, I request that you are at least twice vaccinated or recently recovered from COVID-19 before you participate in a course or event at Gyttja​

Make-up/Studio Credit Policy for Missing Your event 

Make-up classes/studio credits (details below) are ONLY provided as a thank you to individuals who have to miss their studio time when they are SICK with cold like symptoms that could be COVID-19. Make-up dates/studio credit, are not available to individual who miss their studio time for any other reason. That is because rescheduling you or your event even once means that your one booking takes up two booking slots. This results in my earning 50% less income on those spots. Allowing rescheduling/studio credits for a wider range of excuses would significantly impact my ability to economically sustain the studio and keep it open. This is my full time job and, of course, the studio's existence costs me money (rent, insurance, etc.). I hope you can understand the position I am in and why I have to have this policy.

5-week students: One make-up class is offered per "semester" per student for students who stay home when they are sick with cold-like symptoms that could be COVID-19. The make-up date for February-start classes is Thursday, April 21st 18:00-20:30, additional dates may be scheduled as necessary.

Private event bookings: If an individual participant misses their workshop due to cold-like symptoms that could be COVID-19, they can apply the value of their event spot to a future event at Gyttja. If the whole group is sick, we will work together to try to find a make-up date for your event. Only one event rescheduling is possible for the reasons outlined above.

"Prova På"/public events: If a participant in a public event misses their workshop due to cold-like symptoms that could be COVID-19, we will offer a "make-up" spot in a future public event.

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