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Touch platter: Natural

Touch platter: Natural

950,00 krPris
Moms ingår

950 SEK per platter.


I created the original "touch platter" as gift to my mother before my and my husband's relocation to Sweden. The pattern of the rim was created with pressure of my finger tips and the idea was that when my mother held the platter, it would be like holding my hand across an ocean. At the time, I had no idea that we would be seperated for so long! Our first trip back to the US was scheduled just two months after our arrival in Sweden but the US closed to international travel p.g.a Corona just 2 days before my flight. It has now been over 1.5 years since my mother held my hand! But with my vaccine now scheduled, I hope I will see my parents soon!


Approximate dimensions: 31-33 cm diameter.

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