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FIFA Points are the only thing that transfer from one year of FUT to the next.S.. it cant be proper next gen they still carry generic stadiums from ps3 era and other textures.”

Infantino defended FIFA’s financial demands on bidding cities and states, which included sales tax exemptions

. Better texture for generic faces .EA HQ is in Vancouver iirc, they may have scanned the Canadian NT at some point in the past year.

Infantino promised a fan fest on Washington’s National Mall, and locations across the three nations are in play for training sites. Overall too basic an edit mode.

Where's the Milan scans , Forrest green scan , Boca scan , San Lorenzo

.One thing I don’t understand is why EA can’t do full body scans which would capture player tattoos.

This is why i would love a detailed Star Heads Pitch Notes article. but if jerome boateng doesnt get the neck tattoos idk what to say.

porto and benfica were scanned last year, i dont ask a scan but some customes would be nice.


Beginning with the defenders and goalkeeper, we don’t have very many big movers. EA has put in work to make the transfer and negotiation process look nice with players and managers meeting in offices and restaurants, though the nitty-gritty financial details are what most people really care about.imagine if this leads to them canceling PES deal as well :D:D

That's true, but keep in mind that it is still the first beta version of the game. As a result, I am sure that a lot of players will follow updates in the title this year."

From the original "United 2026" bid from the three nations, 60 games are set to be played in the United States, while Mexico and Canada will each get 10 matches

. Same with wrist tape! In Fifa Pogba wears red sweat bands when in the white away and blue 3rd kit! Embarrassing! This mode is 10 years behind in Fifa. Thank you so much Amazing work!Cross play is Amazing, thank you so much for introducing this.59 million total attendance and average of 68,991.

They will be gutted that their bitter rivals Tottenham Hotspur pipped them to the fourth spot and that illustrious Champions League spot, but overall they’ll be happy with how their campaign played out.

EA has forgone its usual EA Play Live event this year and is instead revealing games "when the time is right for each of them

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