Gyttja Keramik är en mysig keramikstudio i Blackeberg, Bromma (på gröna linjen). Under en 5-veckorskurs hos Gyttja kommer du att lära dig drejning och beskickning, kavling, tumning, ringling, och glasering! Keramik är både jätteroligt OCH avslappnande! Vår kurser är perfekta för både nybörjare som mer erfarna.

5-Week Courses

All our courses are great for beginners or people with some previous ceramics experience!


In a 5-week course you'll get an intro to drejning/the pottery wheel, hand building, och glazing! Please read the course description at the bottom of this page. The course price is 3900 kr per person and this includes engobes, firing, glazes, and as much clay as I think you'll need. Some studios charge for these things separately. 

November-start courses will be listed publicly here on Saturday, October 22rd, at 12:00

and will start the week of November 17th.

If you'd like to be notified of course openings one day early, subscribe to our website mailing list.

I generally offer 5-week courses Sundays 11:00-13:30, Mondays 18:00-20:30, Tuesdays 12-14:30, Tuesdays 18:00-20:30, and Wednesdays 18:00-20:30.

You can also book one or more spot in a 1.5-2.5 hours Prova På Public Event OR book a private events for 2-18 people!

Classes will be taught in English or my best attempt at Swedish. Jag kan ju svenska men är kanske en bättre lärare på mittmodersmål ;) !


5-week courses

Our courses have a 6-person max, so you'll get lots of individual attention

What's included

The price for a 5-week course is 3900 SEK. That includes up to 6 kilos of clay and the finishing of up to 10 pieces. However, if you make a piece larger than 19 cm in any dimension or if you make a lot of flat pieces, I will have to charge an additional fee as this would result in my not being able to load the kiln ideally and I would therefor have to perform additional firings.

New students

New students will get an introduction to several foundational ceramic techniques. We will spend a week working on each of the following:


  • Throwing (drejning)

  • Trimming (beskickning), the 2nd step of the drejning process, and altering thrown pieces (carving, adding handles, etc)

  • Slab building (kavling)

  • Pinch pots (tumning) and coil building (ringling)

  • Glazing (glasering)


We will also cover proper clay preparation (wedging) and sink-saving studio cleanup. Students will help to prepare their own clay and will clean up their individual work spot. The last 15 minutes of class will be "clean up" time.


Returning students

Students who have previously completed a mixed techniques class with me will have two weeks of wheel access per 5-week session and will have the freedom to work on whatever hand building techniques interest them during the remaining two “clay” weeks.


Returning students will receive a 6 kilos bag of clay and manage their own clay. This means that you can manage the moisture level of the clay and that you can recycle and reuse your clay. This, I think, will make you feel more free to make mistakes, squish them up, and learn from them. If you don’t want to recycle your own clay, you can put it in the orange bucket for me to recycle it. However, clay that goes into the orange bucket becomes property of the studio as my time and energy will go into recycling it. If you have unused clay left over at the end of the session and you’ll be continuing classes, you can keep that clay for the next session. If you won’t be continuing classes, the leftover clay will become property of the studio.



We don’t offer refunds. Please review the class schedule before you register and plan ahead to be sure that you can attend all classes!


Make-up class policy

Please review the class schedule and plan ahead to be sure that you can attend all classes! There are no make-up classes, however, if you have to miss class for some reason and you let me know as far ahead of time as you can, I can usually find another students willing to switch a day with you so that you don’t have to miss any class time, but this is not something I can guarantee. You will need to agree on a switch with another student. If we can't find a switch for you, another option is that you continue to work with clay on glaze day and I will glaze your pieces. If you glaze your own pieces on glaze day, you can use lots of colors and experiment with overlapping, brushing, and splattering glazes. However, if I glaze your pieces for you, you'll have to choose just one color and all of your pieces will be glazed in the one color.

If I have to cancel class due to my own illness, I will of course schedule a make-up class(es)!