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Private Bookings


I am expecting a baby 👶 in mid may! 


I will continue to offer private events until mid April!

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If you'd like to host a private event (date night, AW, birthday party, möhippa), browse the possibilities below and "Gör en bokningsförfrågan." I am expecting a baby 👶 in mid May, but

I will continue to offer private events until mid April!


You can book a private event for as few as 2 or up to 18 people! Prices include engobes, glazes, as much clay as I think you'll need for the project, and firing, so there are no hidden costs!

Click "Läs mer" to read more about each event. 

When you make a booking request, I will review the details of your event and will text you the payment information. I will hold your requested spot for 24 hours awaiting payment. Payment is required to finalize your booking. If I don't receive your payment in that time period, I will have to re-open the calendar spot to other bookings.


Groups of 4 or more people receive 10% off!

Each private event has a minimum number of participants because, for a private event, you have the studio (and me) all to yourself. Click "Läs mer" to read to see the minimum number of participants for the event that interests you.

🇺🇸 Classes will be taught in English or my best attempt at Swedish if you'd prefer.

I have completed SAS gymnasiet 1. 🇸🇪!

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