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Private Bookings

I am currently taking a break from small private bookings (smaller than 6 participants)

to spend more time with my 👶. If you want to be informed when I resume them (probably not until the fall), subscribe to my mailing list!

If you'd like to book a larger private event (6-18 participants), please email me and we can discuss dates and options! You can also click "läs mer" below to read more about the types of events I offer

You can book a private event for as few as 6 or up to 18 people (depending on the technique)!

Prices include engobes, glazes, as much clay as I think you'll need for the project, and firing, so there are no hidden costs!

🇺🇸 Classes will be taught in English or my best attempt at Swedish if you'd prefer 🇸🇪!

Private bookings: Subscribe

We don’t offer refunds for cancellations. Please review your schedule and coordinate with your party before booking. Plan ahead to be sure that you can attend! Please note that “Ångerrätt” does not apply to free time activities like the ceramics courses we offer, since they are offered during a pre-specified time period.

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