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Prova På Keramik

With a Prova På Public Event, you can book one spot just for yourself,

or book multiple spots for you and your friend(s).

Prices range from 450-1200 kr and

include as much clay as I think you'll need, as well as the finishing (glazing and firing) of your piece(s).

So there are no hidden costs!

A full description of each event can be found at the bottom of this page.

The pottery wheel/drejning, is the best-know ceramic technique, but there are so many others to try! Try drejning/throwing or a hand-building technique (kavling/slab building, tumning/pinch pots, or ringling/coiling)!

Children are welcome! I recommend age 8 and up, but it depends on the attention span of your child! You know them better than I do, so there is no hard/fast rule :) I started doing ceramics weekly when I was 8 years old <3!

The "completion" of a ceramic piece is a long process. Your finished piece(s) will be

ready for pickup from the studio on average 4 weeks after your workshop.

I understand Swedish 🇸🇪, but Classes will be taught in English 🇺🇸.

When will my piece be ready for pickup?

The "completion" of a ceramic piece is a long process. A lot goes on behind the scenes after you leave the studio! Your pieces must be monitored and slow-dried to help prevent cracking. I will then  fire, glaze, and fire your pieces again. Each firing plus cooling time takes around 36 hrs. The second firing goes up to 1255 degrees C! This is not something you can do in your kitchen oven at home ;) Your finished pieces will be ready for pickup from the studio on average 4 weeks after your workshop.


What if I have to miss my event?

We do not offer refunds, so please double check that this date and time works for you before booking. If you have symptoms of illness please stay home. “Make-up” spots are only given to people who miss their event due to an illness that could be Covid. It is a thank you for staying home when sick and protecting us all. We will offer you a "make-up" spot in the next scheduled public workshop of a similar price range.



Drejning Dag is a crazy fun day of back-to-back drejning sessions! Learn to throw cylinders (which you can use for cups, flower pots, or vases), bowls, and plates!

Perhaps the most popular ceramic technique, drejning takes years to perfect but is a lot of fun from day one. In this workshop you will learn how to cone and center the clay, raise and shape the walls to form your piece.

The price for one spot in a 2.5-hour drejning dag event is 1 200 SEK per participant. That price includes:

  • Clay prep and cleaning by me so you can simply enjoy your time in the studio! Cleaning pottery wheels is a time consuming process, so for "drejning dagar," I will clean the studio at the end day. That means there will be an ever increasing creative and muddy chaos on drejning dagar :)

  • Up to 1.5 kg of clay per participant divided into three, 500 g pieces for up to 3 tries on the pottery wheel

  • The finishing of up to 3 pieces per participant

  • One glaze color per participant (from the options we offer in the studio). All of their pieces will be glazed in that one color


We are currently accepting up to 6 participants for this activity.

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