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Prova På Keramik

Sadly, I won't be offering new Prova På events until the summer. I am expecting a baby 👶 in mid May. 

BUT! I will continue to offer private events until mid April (for 2-18 people depending on the technique/project you choose)!

If you want to be notified when I resume Prova På, Private events, and 5-week courses,

subscribe to our website mailing list.

With a Prova På Public Event, you can book one spot just for yourself,

or book multiple spots for you and your friend(s).

Prices include as much clay as I think you'll need, as well as the finishing (glazing and firing) of your piece(s). So there are no hidden costs! A full description of each event can be found at the bottom of this page.

The pottery wheel/drejning, is the best-know ceramic technique, but there are so many others to try! Try drejning/throwing or a hand-building technique (kavling/slab building, tumning/pinch pots, or ringling/coiling)!

Children are welcome! I recommend age 8 and up, but it depends on the attention span of your child! You know them better than I do, so there is no hard/fast rule :) I started doing ceramics weekly when I was 8 years old <3!

The "completion" of a ceramic piece is a long process. Your finished piece(s) will be

ready for pickup from the studio on average 4 weeks after your workshop.

🇺🇸 Classes will be taught in English or my best attempt at Swedish. I have completed gymnasium nivå 1 Swedish. 🇸🇪!

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