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Big news!

Gyttja Keramik is on the cover of Mitt i Bromma! Read the article!

The day we signed the lease for this space, my husband was taking awkward photos of me (I’m usually awkward in photos) in front of the studio and I exclaimed, “Maybe someday we’ll be on the cover of MIB!” A bit later, a friend saw me in front of the studio and envisioned the same thing! I didn’t actually believe it was possible, but I eventually tagged MIB in our first Instagram post, ‘cause why not?

My husband and I both receive the emails to our phones. So one day we were at home and seemingly out of nowhere I shrieked! And I simultaneously heard my husband say, “Oh my god!” I came bounding into the living room and we high fived and jumped around a little bit. Ella Söderberg from MIB had e-mailed me asking if she could come see the studio!

Then it was a mad dash to get the space ready! Lots of late nights (TBH there are still lots of late nights)! But I think it looked pretty good by the time Ella came to visit. Good thing because she brought a super impressive professional photographer (Stefan Källstigen)! I tried hard not to look awkward in THESE photos! I shyly told Ella how I had fantasied about being on the cover of MIB. I was embarrassed to say it because I thought we were just going to have a little blurb, I didn’t want to put pressure on her, and I didn’t want to reveal my overeagerness (but I’m not very good at hiding these things)!

Yesterday we got to see the digital version of this weekend’s Mitt i Bromma and there we were on the cover 😍! So exciting! Now I am eagerly awaiting the terrifying clamor of our mail slot to see it on paper in “real life.”

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