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Some news for the little ones!

Thank you all for your suggestions. I am really glad to know that people are interested in having their kids join them/me in the studio!

We have added two new workshops, created with the abilities and interests of small children in mind! Additionally, the “adult” workshop descriptions now include age recommendations.

I have added a Clay Christmas Tree decorating workshop. I originally thought of it simply as “a good activity for kids.” But I had soooo much fun making the samples that I now I think it could be a great activity for the whole family or even a group of adult friends! For this workshop, children aged 4 and older count as participants. Children aged 3 or younger can help their parents/sibling free of charge, however, if you’d like me to build a tree for your child aged 3 or younger to decorate on their own, they should be counted as a participant.

I also added a Clay Discovery workshop for kids aged 4 to 12. Children aged 3 and under can attend free of charge when they join their sibling or a friend who is a participant. I will have project ideas ready and a lot of fun stuff for the kids to experiment with for clay cut outs and to add texture, etc!

I think children 8 and above can participate well in all the adult workshops. Children 7 and under can join you in your scheduled adult hand-building workshop and help you with your project (free of charge) or you can purchase a little extra clay for them to experiment with while you're working on your project (for drejning, trimming workshops, and glazing workshops this will not be possible). The magenta monster you see here, was the first ceramic piece I ever made (age 8)!

Right now, due to Coronavirus, we are sticking to small, private events ( But I look forward to eventually offering on-going, 6-week classes for teens age (13-17) and for children (8-12). If your child is very motivated, they can start a bit younger. I hear there is a very enthusiastic 7-year-old out there who wants to try drejning and I hope she will join us in the studio ASAP :)!

Feel free to message me with your questions and suggestions: If you'd like to stay up-to-date on our offerings subscribe to our mailing list at You'll find the subscription form half-way down the page.


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